Julie Parsons – Office Worker

Boring title, eh? I know, its kind of a boring life.  However I’ve decided to make it a little more interesting by putting together my thoughts and ideas into this blog.

What do I hope to achieve?  I don’t know exactly, and it may amount to nothing, but I hope to be able to relieve myself of some boredom and stress by having an outlet in this blog.

What do I have to offer?  Well, I have ideas sometimes, about office life, and how it could be better, or why it should be different.  Like the concept of no meeting that lasts longer than 15 minutes (anything else can be handled via e-mail).  Or no meeting with more than 3 participants (any more can be divided up so as not to take up too many man-hours).

Perhaps this won’t go anywhere, but I’ll have some fun doing it.

Looking forward to it!